Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Turning On The Positive, Turning Off The Negative

If you choose to use the negative subconscious and this can be in the things you say or think.
I'm having a bad day
I hate this job
My car is a wreck
I'm not happy with my partner
I don't have enough money
All these are negative statements that your subconscious will go to work on because it is so obedient and will deliver more of these things to you.
If you change these statements slightly to make them positive:
I'm having a good day
I like parts of my job
My car gets me from A to B
I intend to be happy with my partner
I have enough money and I'd like more
You will start to get more of them. Its only a case of making a small change to what you say and what you think, you have to remember that what you say and what you think is what you attract.
Being mindful of what you say and what you think is key, because these are the things you will attract more of and if you want to attract more money you have to talk and think that more money is coming your way because that is what you will attract. If you say and think ‘I haven't got enough money that is what you will attract.
If you find yourself thinking ‘I hate my job', noticing it is the first stage and that's good that you have noticed that you have thought a negative thought. If you really do hate your job, find something even if its really small to like about your job. The more things you can find to like about your job, the more things for you to like will appear until eventually you can say ‘I like my job'.
Sometimes if you are having a really bad day you might want to try lying to yourself and pretending your life is very different, I do this a lot. I go into a daydream and imagine I have everything I want, all the money I could possibly need, luxury goods, fancy car, swimming pool, all the usual things that people dream about. And its great to do that because it moves your subconscious to acting into bringing those things to you, and it makes you feel great and gets you out of the bad day syndrome!
Accessing your positive subconscious is very much like building muscle, the more you use it the bigger it gets and the smaller the negative muscle gets. So learn to use your positive subconscious everyday to get the results you want. Don't forget your subconscious is very obedient and it will deliver whatever you ask, you just have to remember that you are asking, by what you say and what you think.

Author: Christine
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