Saturday, August 31, 2013

Do You Realize That You're Living Someone Else's Dream?

It's no secret that your relationships with others are enriched when you learn to appreciate one another for the little things (not just the big stuff). The same goes for feeling enriched in the life you live – regardless of your circumstances. When you learn to continuously appreciate the "little" things in life, only then will you discover an indestructible inner peace within – one that money cannot buy.
This is most evident in people who are less fortunate and yet able to stay in good spirits. They've found a way to maintain inner peace regardless of their situation.
I've come to know that part of the journey to finding inner peace is to understand life is so much more than what's happening in front of us. Just because we do not see it does not mean it isn't there. Just because we do not feel it does not mean it isn't happening. Your life, whether you believe this or not, is but only a dream for billions of people in this world.
Take thirty bucks for example: what's thirty bucks to you? How do you spend thirty bucks in a single day?
Now, what if I told you, in most poverty stricken countries, thirty bucks can provide a child three nourishing meals a day, proper education and medical care for one full month?
In 1994, through World Vision, I sponsored a 5-year-old child in Zimbabwe, Africa, for thirty dollars a month. Her name was Lasi Sibanda. We stayed in touch by mail. However, four years ago, she sent me a letter expressing her deepest gratitude for my sponsorship. The funds have raised her well—she completed school and was working.
What I didn't know was that the funds also helped her family become self-sufficient and in turn, were able to contribute in helping their community. They no longer needed my help. Instead, I was kindly led to sponsor 4-year-old Doreen Komunjumba in Uganda, Africa. It was then that I truly grasp the notion of what thirty dollars can do.
Lives can be empowered… A better future can take shape…
Sadly, many people think of the world as a compartmentalized entity that is made up of various countries. Some of these countries are rich, some poor. Some are over populated, and some under populated. Some are rich with natural resources, others are barren and infertile.
However, where we as individuals fit into this scheme, some may say it's the luck of the draw and others may say it's a choice we can make for this particular lifetime.
If you were born in a region of the world that happens to be rich with resources, or economically prosperous, you're more likely to not worry about where to go for food, what disease you may die of tomorrow, or who will take care of you when you're sick.
The reality is that we are all inhabitants of this single place called earth, and there is no reason why one person arbitrarily born in one country should live in poverty, while others born in another country live a relatively lavish lifestyle.
Imagine for a moment…if the world was one country. Then imagine that the world president started allocating land to all the citizens. How would you feel if you were randomly given a piece of land which turned out to be a desert barren of life, while your next door neighbor ended up on top of a gold mine? Obviously you would think it was unfair, right?
Well then imagine if your rich neighbor started using their wealth and influence to make your life even more difficult by taking what little resources you had, and polluting your environment. That is exactly what happens today between developed and undeveloped countries.
It is a fact that rich nations would not be wealthy if there were not poor nations to support us. We could not possibly afford our products if it wasn't for people working in factories for less than a dollar a day, nor could we afford to feed ourselves if it wasn't for the billions of people farming in developing countries for less than three hundred dollars a year.
We would not be able to buy prawns if it wasn't for the tens of thousands of prawn farms in south east Asia and south America—as there is no way developed societies would allow this environmentally damaging practice to take place in our own backyard.
Examples like these are endless, but they show that the developed world's standard of living, for the most part, is supported by the demise of others.
It is not one person that created the divide between the developed world and the developing world, nor can one person fix the issues. Therefore, we as "global citizens" all have a social and moral obligation to help each other to enable a safe and healthy life for all.
Keep this in mind when you're ready to donate to a charity of your choice. After all, what does thirty bucks mean to you? A cheap sweater? Five Starbucks coffee? For the less fortunate, it means much more; it means a chance for health and education, hope for the future and a great reason to live.

Author: Penny Phang
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Friday, August 30, 2013

Four Signs That You Have Been Overworking Yourself

Online self help tips – Do you feel like you have a never ending pile of work on your desk, but you just keep pushing yourself to complete the job so that you can finally enjoy some free time and "me" time?
Well, here is the harsh reality. In most cases, your workload will never cease and you will always be given stuff to do. The key is to be able to achieve a work life balance so that you do not end up overworking. Here are four signs that you have been overworking and need to take a break from work.
Firstly, if you find that you thinking about work even when you are at home, you need to stop thinking about work and turn your attention to something more relaxing. Catch a movie with your loved ones or read the newspapers. Feel free to stuff yourself with food as long as you do not feel bad about it. Just get your mind off work for a change.
Next, if you find that your desk at work is really messy, that could possibly be a sign that you are not able to manage your time well, and hence overworking yourself. This may not always be true though and it really depends on the context. However, if you look at it from a psychological perspective, you could use a good break. I can suggest that you look for online self help tips on how you can manage your time and set goals for yourself.
If you find yourself being irritable at work or at home, chances are you are probably overdoing things. That is a sign that you are feeling the pressure. If making a big mistake can result in you being irritable, even the smallest of mistakes at work or even at home could cause you to lose your cool. Talk to somebody you can confide in about what you are going through. Trust me, it can be as therapeutic as getting online self help tips on how to manage stress.
If you find yourself struggling to focus on what you are doing or if you are becoming somewhat forgetful, then you are probably being overworked. Try going for yoga classes. Yoga helps you relax your mind, and it has been proven to improve a person's focus.
You can look for free online self help tips on how to handle your current situation. You may also seek a therapist or talk to your friends about it. Start with either of these and you should be on your way to stress free days ahead.

Author:Chia Ti Wah
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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Powerful Purpose Underlies All Success

There is no hope of success for the person who does not have a central purpose, or definite goal at which to aim.        
                                                          - Napoleon Hill
Having a sense of purpose or definite goal is an important pre-requisite to achieving success. The reason why purpose predetermines success is that purpose creates focus and when we have a compelling sense of purpose, we find that all our actions, decisions and thinking will all be aligned to that purpose or ultimate goal. Furthermore, purpose acts an "anchor" and what I mean by this is that when we have a clear purpose, we are better able to bounce back from a setback or failure quicker because we have something we are hanging on to.
The reason why some struggle to recover following a failure is not because of the emotional devastation of the failure, but rather because the vision of their purpose is not clear enough and consequently not compelling enough. Everyone experiences failure on the journey to success. The difference between those who eventually make it and those who do not is a sense of purpose (or an ultimate goal, if you wish). Purpose fuels perseverance; and perseverance ultimately determines success. At the risk of sounding melodramatic, purpose turns an otherwise ordinary man into an unstoppable force of nature and it is purpose that makes the seeming unachievable things, become achievable.
While some develop a clear sense of purpose early on in life due to early childhood experiences they may have had; most people find their sense of purpose over time through trial and error; while some die never having found or fulfilled their life purpose.
The obvious question I always receive at our motivational workshops is - if purpose is so important for success, how do I go about identifying or establishing my purpose? A compelling and powerful sense of purpose comes from one source – Self-Knowledge. The better you know yourself and what it is you are truly passionate about, the easier it is to identify that ultimate goal for your life that is unique to you and you alone.
Therefore creating self-knowledge is the first step when conducting a life-purpose workshop. In such workshops, people would firstly be asked to identify the things that are truly important to them – in their lives, their relationships, their careers, finances etc. They are then asked to identify the one or two things they are willing to fight for and why they would be willing to fight for these things. The idea behind these questions is to understand what they are passionate about, because passion is an indicator of what they value; and what they value will identify where their energies and efforts are best maximized. In the process of pinpointing what people are passionate about an important question we also pose is that - if they had all the money in the world, what is the one thing they would do and do for free? Often times these are questions that most people never really give much thought to and we find that within the first hour of the workshop, many delegates have begun to see themselves in a somewhat different light.
Once you are able to identify what you are truly passionate about, the next step is to identify how achieving your purpose can serve others. The final step is then to figure out how you can combine doing what you truly want with using it to serve others in a way that allows you to make money from it.

Author: Femi Adebanji

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

25 Best Inspirational Quotes

1) It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that things are difficult. - Seneca
2) Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. - Confucius
3) When men speak ill of thee, live so as nobody may believe them. - Plato
4) The best thing to give to your enemy is forgiveness; to an opponent, tolerance; to a friend, your heart; to your child, a good example; to a father, deference; to your mother, conduct that will make her proud of you; to yourself, respect; to all men, charity. - Benjamin Franklin
5) Nothing is worth doing unless the consequences may be serious. - George Bernard Shaw
6) We know what we are, but know not what we may be. - William Shakespeare
7) Those who restrain desire, do so because theirs is weak enough to be restrained. - William Blake
8) The torment of precautions often exceeds the dangers to be avoided. It is sometimes better to abandon one's self to destiny. - Napoleon Bonaparte
9) Those who attain any excellence commonly spend life in one pursuit; for excellence is not often granted upon easier terms. - Samuel Johnson
10) Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits. - Thomas Edison
11) Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the first necessity of progress. Show me a thoroughly satisfied man - and I will show you a failure. - Thomas Edison
12) If we did all the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves. - Thomas Edison
13) There are admirable potentialities in every human being. Believe in your strength and your youth. Learn to repeat endlessly to yourself, 'It all depends on me.' - Andre Gide
14) When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve. - Napoleon Hill
15) We did it [Disneyland], in the knowledge that most of the people I talked to thought it would be a financial disaster - closed and forgotten within the first year. - Walt Disney
16) Reflect upon your present blessings of which every man has many - not on your past misfortunes, of which all men have some. - Charles Dickens
17) The power of imagination makes us infinite. - John Muir
18) People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, make them. - George Bernard Shaw
19) The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. - Eleanor Roosevelt
20) Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble. - Benjamin Franklin
21) Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward. They may be beaten, but they may start a winning game. - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
22) Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. - Winston Churchill
23) One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living. We are all dreaming of some magical rose garden over the horizon instead of enjoying the roses that are blooming outside our windows today. - Dale Carnegie
24) Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all. - Dale Carnegie
25) The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly; it is dearness only that gives everything its value. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow. - Thomas Paine

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Monday, August 26, 2013

How To Overcome Procrastination

Procrastination is unfortunately something that a lot of us suffer from regularly, whether it's just an occasional ‘put off ‘til tomorrow' or a recurrent lack of drive and motivation. Procrastination can often hold us back from what we really want in life, and unfortunately, it's something that can crop up at any time of life, no matter who you are. A lot of people often assume that procrastination is simply being lazy, but this isn't always the case. Often, feelings of tiredness, hopelessness, panic or even depression can cause us to put things off and avoid reality completely.
Procrastination is a trap, and once we've fallen in it can be very difficult to get back out, so why do we do it? Well for many people, procrastination is simply a way of coping with emotions and physical symptoms that often come with depression, often caused by panic. The unfortunate truth is that often, a ‘snowballing' effect can happen, you may be stressed and under pressure at work, then causing you to panic, which may then trigger depression which in turn can make thing very difficult for you to do. However it happened, it's important you get out of it, otherwise you may find that nothing will ever get done because you're too miserable and negative to bring yourself to do it.
here are 5 main ‘style's of procrastination, you may feel that you fall under one mains style, or a mixture.Organization and keeping track of things is very difficult
·         You fear people disapprove of you, or fear disapproval itself
·         Important tasks seem futile, and so overwhelming it feels stupid to even attempt them
·         Hostile feelings towards someone, and punishing them by putting things off
·         Routines and Schedules cause you to feel rebelliousThese styles of procrastination can often also overlap in one of four different themes: Self Doubt, Discomfort Dodging, Guilt Driven and Habitual. Self Doubt is people who feel that there are rigid standards about how certain things need to be done and often fear they will fail, they often second guess themselves and will delay taking action against procrastinating. Discomfort dodging is when a person will avoid activities that will cause them anxiety, discomfort or even distress, however, often by dodging the activity, feelings and tension don't go away, and instead mount due to the avoidance. Guilt driven people often feel extreme guilt when tasks go done, but instead of acting on their guilt and working, they instead procrastinate, avoiding the issue and the guilt completely. And finally, Habitual people are people who have found procrastination to be an automatic response within their lives, they have put things off so often, that they feel it is just a part of them now, and there is nothing they can do to change it.
But there are things you can do to change it, and get out of your procrastination cycle once and for all. The first thing is a simple idea, but it works all the same – make a list! It sounds ridiculous, but it does actually work. Just go to your local stationary store and get yourself a large notebook, and make lists and plans for yourself to stick to, prioritize everything on your list in order of importance, and allocate times for these tasks to be done (1 hour, 2 hours etc). The key to battling procrastination is organization, by allocating specific times; you're ensuring that you have enough time to do everything and get it done! If a task is particularly big, then split it up into manageable time slots, making sure that progress is steady, and you're not giving yourself too much to do.
However, you also need to create some time for yourself, or ‘reward time'. Reward time gives you an incentive to get things done, because you know once it's done you can have a break and reward yourself for your hard work. Procrastination is a tough mountain to climb, but once you reach the top you're free to reap the rewards of an organized, healthy and happy lifestyle, as well as the true relief and satisfaction that comes with having nothing weighing you down!
Author:Diana Samalot
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Importance Of Vision In Goal Setting

Vision is a topic which can often be overlooked, when setting goals. Creating a vision is one of the best steps any goal setter can take. As you read this article, you will discover more about the importance of having a vision, when setting a goal. It was Solomon who said 'where there is no vision, the people perish'. This quote is something interesting to look at, as it gives us the real process of setting goals.

You see, goal setting is great. You want a car; you set the goal, and get it. You want the house, you set the goal, and then you get it. This is all good; however, a piece of the puzzle is missing. Getting the puzzle together is an easy process, when we add to the equation a vision. But, what is a vision? And how do you find your vision?

The only way to create a vision is to first know what you want. This is a great point, because any adult generally has tasted enough of life, to know the things you like. From here you can make that as a starting point.Your vision doesn't stop with the car, the house, the vacation, etc. It goes further and thinks about how your life will be. 

From your lifestyle, to the things you own, right down to your relationships. This entire vision becomes the goal. And like a tree, which has small branches stemming from large branches, your vision will represent this tree.Now, living that dream, we know stems from having a vision. It is the best anyone can ask for, because now, you have all your life planned out.

Now, you have direction, because you know exactly what you want. Each part has a purpose. If you have a lofty goal to own a jet, you know exactly the purpose of the jet, because it is part of your vision. The abstract, becomes concrete details, as we can see a vision of life. Exactly how we want it to be. This can only happen with a vision, and the vision is what will drive your life and actions.

When you create such a vision, you automatically feel passionate about it. Over time, you will find that more and more parts become reality. Until one day, you find you are living that vision. And the only way to make that work is through visualization and then a system of goal setting to get your plan of action ready.

Author: Koz Huseyin

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Discovering Comprehensive Suggestions On How To Reinvent Your Life

Going through changes and periods of transition is actually quite common and often difficult for people on various levels. People often find themselves in a position where they are unhappy with their current situations and general sense of self which prompts them to attempt to make changes and completely alter their existence to some degree or another. Anyone focused on this effort should know the most effective tips on how to reinvent your life to be assured that all facets of the process are as well managed as possible.
Reinventing life is usually a process by which people are able to assess their current situations and make necessary modifications to ensure that a new direction is established. People are focused on this process when they have reached stages in their existence that they are unhappy with and are unable to work through accordingly. Attempting to complete this process is often more difficult than many people imagine.

Many people are surprised to learn about the wealth of guidance and suggestions offered when completing this effort. There are many instances where people are unclear about what particulars should be focused on when making sure their efforts are as well managed as possible. Understanding the most effective tips is actually quite useful in making sure all efforts are as appropriate as possible.

An initial facet in this process is being assured that current issues and complications are fully understood. One of the only ways possible that people are able to make changes in their lives is by making sure their current complication are understood and resolved prior to moving forward. People often find that writing their issues down and being completely honest with oneself is the only way possible to assess where they need to go. 

Setting goals is another major facet of consideration to weigh in throughout this process. Making any kind of progress in daily life can be quite difficult to complete without having access to some kind of milestone or idea in mind as to where one wants their path to lead. Establishing effective goals and ensuring there are striven toward each day is quite helpful in being successful in this effort.

People also discover that completely changing their environment and general scenery is quite effective in this effort. Moving to a new home and potentially a new city can alter any mindset in a productive and streamlined manner. This simple phase of the process is also often associated with making new friends and surrounding oneself with different people.

Finding support along the way is also essential to consider. Support and guidance is often required for people to weigh in as they attempt to balance out their needs for understanding what steps to take throughout their efforts which can be increasingly more difficult to understand on various levels. Much of the support that is offered can be found through professionals and by joining online groups and forums.

Remaining consistent is also essential when trying to reinvent your life.
Many people become discouraged easily and lose hope or focus along the way which can be quite difficult to deal with on various levels. Remaining focused and diligent in all efforts ensures that successful is much more readily performed when considered.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

3 Time Management Strategies: From Feeling Overwhelmed to Accomplishing More

It is actually fairly commonplace for people to become overwhelmed by everything that they have to accomplish in a day, especially when they are lacking in the necessary time management strategies. Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything that you set out to accomplish in a day? People who are overwhelmed accomplish far less than those who are confident about their workload. So if you are feeling overwhelmed by what is currently on your plate, these three time management strategies may help you feel far less overwhelmed, which will help you get more accomplished in the process.

1 - Delegate and Outsource. One of the biggest things that you can do to improve your time management is actually simple to understand. You do not need to do everything, let alone do it all in one day. Rather than try to take everything on by yourself, learn how to delegate and outsource by offering parts of projects to those who can help. If you believe that someone can manage part of a project more efficiently than you, ask for their help. Focus on the parts of projects that you know that you can complete, and do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the details.

2 - Set Time Limits and Time Budgets. Every task that you tackle should have a realistic time limit or time budget set for it. This way, you can better work productively on each and every task based on individual time limits. When you give a task an indefinite amount of time, or when you try to tack a single time limit onto a very large project, it is much more difficult to get things done in a timely manner. Instead, allow each facet of a project to have a time budget and you will be able to get a lot more accomplished.

3 - Learn to Say No. You need to learn how to say no not only to your own self, but also to other people in your life who have unrealistic expectations of you. People often take on far too much and that is one of the largest causes of things simply not getting accomplished. Don't take on more than you can handle, letting yourself and other people down in the process. Instead, simply learn how to say no when you do not think that you can accomplish a given task, rather than taking it on and allowing for it to overwhelm you further.

Author: Wendy Hearn
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Some Benefits of Life Coaching

It might sound funny at first to have a life coach. I mean, everyone lives their lives from day to day. Why on earth would you need a "coach" to make it through? The point is not just making it through life. Rather, it has much more to do with actually getting something out of life, fulfilling yourself and enjoying every minute of life you get to experience. 

In order to make the most of your years here on earth, you should really consider the services of a life coach. Why, you may be asking? The following listing of benefits should help you understand just why life coaching is vital to your happiness and success in all that you pursue. Life Coaches Listen a life coach is much like a therapist, in a way, because they are hired to listen to you. However, a life coach is much more intent on actively helping you change your life for the better and moving forward, rather than dwelling on the past.

 A life coach is great because he or she is paid to listen to you. Unlike a friend, you do not have to reciprocate. This is a one-sided relationship all in your favor. Life coaches keep you focused life coaching can help you stay on the path you wish to stay on in life. For many people, it is difficult to actively pursue their goals. With a life coach, you will be pushed to complete the tasks you wish to complete. Rather than relying on your own gumption, you will have the external pressure of a life coach to push you in the direction you want to go. It's an extremely helpful method of creating goals and sticking to them.

Life Coaches always tell the truth unlike friends in your life, a life coach will always tell you the truth about yourself. Don't expect to be pandered or to be told what you want to hear by a life coach. That's what the other people in your life are for. A life coach can provide you with an objective view of yourself and your life. This is very beneficial when you are facing tough decisions or trying to make excuses to get out of a tough situation.

Life Coaches help you overcome obstacles If you are facing obstacles in your life, a life coach can help build you up and overcome them. Whether it is weaknesses, fears or bad habits, a life coach can teach you to reach down deep in order to harness the strength you didn't know you had. 

Author: Jim Guerci

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Empower Your Life Career With Various Growth Coaching and Life Skills Coaching Programs

Enjoy life through conquering your personal mental barriers, setting definite goals and finding your true purpose within those goals. Specially designed personal growth coaching program would expose you to life's boundless possibilities.
Coaching for Oneness, Life Skills Coaching and Spiritual Life Coaching and Employee Coaching can help in relieving from the burdens of life and help in leading a life with purpose. It helps to restore balance for continued growth and attainment of higher and higher goals. Life Coaching and Techniques is a different approach to achieve meaning in your life. Personal Life Coaching and Professional Life Coaching are actually ways to get success and fulfillment in personal and professional life.
Whether you are a manager, software specialist, human resource specialist, doctor, educator or entrepreneur, you can learn to lead and gather respect with every word you speak. This is power of words and we help you to develop your communication skills to make your C.V. more powerful and impressive. Leadership and Communication Training help you learn the art of communication
Other training programs: Coaching & Leadership Style, Business Coaching Factors, Growth Coaching and Business Management Coaching encourage individuals and organizations to exceed the standards they set for themselves with improved communication and leadership skills
Searching for an effective methodology to develop leaders with spirit and competence, then Corporate Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching and Professional Business Coaching are the keys.
Rocket your business to success with Business Success Training and Strategic Business Coaching. Business Coaching not only helps clients attain better and improved outputs but also helps them achieve the most fruitful results through consistent and strategic focus that ensures deep personal engagement and organizational alignment.

Author: Om Parkash
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