Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make Your Business Green

Leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle has become increasingly important because if we continue living the way we were up till a few years ago, this planet would no longer be safe for living anymore. Because it doesn't seem as if we have any other lodging options other than earth, we have to take care of our planet to ensure that it is not only in a livable condition a few hundred years now, but also in a better condition that it currently is.

Hence, It is not only essential that you change your lifestyle, but it is vital that you make your company change as well and make sure that becoming green is your business. If not only to look after mother earth, do it so that it makes it easier to follow the rules that will become a part of our business market in the near future. Not only is going green better for the planet, it is also better for your company's image as people nowadays are inclining towards companies who claim they are environmentally friendly.

Here are some simple ways you can ensure that making your company green, is your business.

Use Eco Friendly Products
Many of our everyday products contain harmful chemicals that not only harm us, but hurt the environment as well. Switch to eco friendly products which specify that they contain no chemicals that will further harm the atmosphere.

Use eco friendly papers or skip using papers entirely whenever possible to save trees and to discourage the chopping down of trees. To ensure this happens throughout your company and is followed by all employees, make it a part of the office culture and stress that going green is your business.

Change Light Bulbs
Switch the light bulbs in your office to LED lights. Even though this might cost you now, it might save you in the long term by conserving energy. These lights save up to 10 million kWh of electricity each year. They also benefit you because they use less energy and last longer; they are also saving your expenses for the long term. Even after replacing your bulbs with energy saving lights, still stress upon saving electricity to your staff and ask them to switch off lights and appliances wherever they can when not in use. By pointing out these facts, your employees will understand that going green is your business.

Author: Kent L Gardner

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Attaining Happiness by understanding the importance of balance between Career Ambition and Personal Relationships

"You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles" (Zig Ziglar).

I am sure we all have heard many times about troubled relationships between spouses, family and friends simply because one of them did not have enough time for another. Why? Because they were too busy chasing their career ambitions. While in the process of attaining their career goals they sacrificed all the other important aspects of their lives; their family, their loved ones, their friends and even their health. It sometime takes a person to fulfill their ambition to realize the importance of what they neglected in the process.

 Let me enlighten you about ambition. Ambition is a very powerful weapon if used wisely because the same weapon that is your strength can become self-destructive if misused. A life should have an ambition, goal, and a purpose to keep going. On the other hand, one should not forget that ambition should be a part of life not the entire life.

As a human being we are blessed with so many things in life that carries different values, and significance and that is the reason why we prioritize and make an effort to keep the balance.
 I am not trying to imply that life should be perfectly balanced, it never was and it never will be; that's the beauty of life.  I am only implying that one should constantly put effort into balancing the aspects of their life as long as they live.

 According to a research in the Journal of applied Psychology which analyzed data from Terman Life cycle study where they traced the lives of hundreds of high ability Americans, starting in 1922 when subjects were children and followed them up for 70 years. Some of the participants went on to some of the world's best universities and impressive careers, while other had more modest achievements. The "ambitious" participants -- as judged were clearly more materially successful, working in more prestigious occupations and earning higher salaries.
But despite the fact they seemed to "have it all," the Judge said that they were not successful in terms of what might be considered the most important variables: happiness and longevity of life.
This explains that attaining ambition alone is not the answer to happiness. Happiness is the balance between ambition, relationship, social bonds and many other aspects of life.

On a personal note, my father, one of the most ambitious person I know, who passed away at the age of 47 with a terminal motor neuron disease called ALS , made me understand more about the importance of balance during his last few years. Out of all the things he shared, one thing that stood out to me was when he mentioned that looking back at his life, the only thing he wished he had done differently was to spend more time with family and make as many memories as he could. It made me think at the end it's the simple things that matter the most.

 The reason why people go after their ambition full fledged is because they think that the end result is what will make them happy. Lets admit it, us human beings  are greedy for happiness and we search for happiness through different means. As we all know that the grass is always greener on the other side. What ambitious people often forget is that it is usually the simple pleasures that bring happiness in our lives. Simple pleasures like a baby's first footsteps, a lover's smile, a friend's hug or a parent's kind words.

 I do not suggest that one should stop pursuing their career ambition or goals.  Having an ambition is very important and we need ambition to reach our goals. But one must understand that the other aspects of life is integrated and not separated.

 When you are focused on only one aspect of your life then the rest will eventually lose balance, but that's when you step back and take a "helicopter view" of life. That should help figure out what can be done to achieve that lost balance.

We should understand that gratitude of what we have is what balances the ambition.  The quest of career success should never come at the expense of personal relationship and social bond.
That being said, today I would like to urge you to take a step back and look at your life and appreciate what you have, and whom you have and truly be thankful for it.

Author: Ten Zangmu 

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stress Management-Get Control of Your Life

Due to the daily demands of family, work, and general wear-and-tear from everyday living, millions of Americans are affected by stress every year. Stressed individuals often feel persistent and intense feelings of anxiety and tension in their mind and body. Many people become so accustomed to being stressed out that their body's cries for help on managing stress go by unnoticed. By learning to adapt to stress and identify what is stressing you out in your life, you can live a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle.

 Stress management programs can help you to adopt various techniques that you can use to overcome scenarios that cause you stress and anxiety. Generally a combination of techniques is recommended, including massage, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and many other similar techniques. You can practice these techniques regularly to be able to develop a coping mechanism and manage stressful situations with ease. Nowadays, there are also a variety of professionals that can help you rein in your stress as well teaching you stress management.

 It's important for you to remember to take care of your mind and body. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals and try to get some exercise regularly. Make it a consistent goal to get a solid seven hours of sleep daily for your stress management program. If you're required by your job to work overnight, make sure to get a good amount of sleep during the daytime whenever you're off. You should try to stay away from unhealthy vices and only drink alcohol moderately.

 Furthermore, if you identify the things causing you stress, you can help address your stress levels. Stressors are purely personal and subjective. You should find out what causes you to worry or experience stressful anxiety regularly. Once you can identify them, you can use the tips listed above to manage your stress and try to improve your state of mind and not let these issues get to you so much.  Keeping in mind how important it is to your stress management program.

 Just remember that by not using a good stress management program your stress can turn into chronic stress which can contribute to very serious conditions such as hypertension, heart disease, stomach problems and even cancer.   It can even lead to psychological issues such as clinical depression, anxiety and panic disorder.   Working up a stress management program and practicing it every day could save your life.

Author: Dean Jensen
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Losing Weight First Requires Mental Fitness

There is an overwhelming of information available to us when it comes to weight loss these days and making sense of it can sometimes be more work than the actual diet you're looking to start. Starting and sticking to a weight loss plan or diet is not easy and most plans don't really address what could be one of the primary causes of your weight issues, the negative thoughts going on in the space between your two ears. In other words, before you embark on any weight loss journey, you need to address your mental fitness before your physical fitness.

A great majority of people actually subconsciously "choose" the state their body is in. At the end of the day, you alone are responsible for eating too much fast food or drinking too many sodas while choosing at the same time to not go for a walk each morning or finding at least 30 minutes to exercise during the day. Motivating oneself to lose weight and take responsibility for our own bodies can be quite the task, which is why getting your mind in shape first is the most crucial step in weight loss.

Many people don't actually give a lot of thought to what is going on inside, about how they are stopping themselves from doing things and how they can make changes (small or large) that will create a positive difference in their lifestyle. We get so caught up in what we want the end result to be that we don't address the real cause of our weight issues or eating habits.

Life can be hard, extremely hard for that matter, so you need to find out what pain you have to break through to create more pleasure within your body and your mind. Not physical pain, but mental pain. What is it you have to deal with in order to remove the excess baggage (weight) you carry around with you?
When you find out what is holding you back from making changes in your life, body and diet, you will find that dieting no longer becomes about food and exercise, it becomes a lifestyle. With the right mental changes you will find that you can choose to eat healthier while still going out for dinner and consuming your favorite foods too. Like anything we take on in life it's all about finding the proper balance that allows for moderation. Everyone has the ability, motivation and power to make almost any change positive and successful. Tapping into your mental state, deciding to make a few changes and acting out these changes is what will make all the difference.


Author: Brett Stern

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