Thursday, November 14, 2013

Make Your Business Green

Leading a more environmentally friendly lifestyle has become increasingly important because if we continue living the way we were up till a few years ago, this planet would no longer be safe for living anymore. Because it doesn't seem as if we have any other lodging options other than earth, we have to take care of our planet to ensure that it is not only in a livable condition a few hundred years now, but also in a better condition that it currently is.

Hence, It is not only essential that you change your lifestyle, but it is vital that you make your company change as well and make sure that becoming green is your business. If not only to look after mother earth, do it so that it makes it easier to follow the rules that will become a part of our business market in the near future. Not only is going green better for the planet, it is also better for your company's image as people nowadays are inclining towards companies who claim they are environmentally friendly.

Here are some simple ways you can ensure that making your company green, is your business.

Use Eco Friendly Products
Many of our everyday products contain harmful chemicals that not only harm us, but hurt the environment as well. Switch to eco friendly products which specify that they contain no chemicals that will further harm the atmosphere.

Use eco friendly papers or skip using papers entirely whenever possible to save trees and to discourage the chopping down of trees. To ensure this happens throughout your company and is followed by all employees, make it a part of the office culture and stress that going green is your business.

Change Light Bulbs
Switch the light bulbs in your office to LED lights. Even though this might cost you now, it might save you in the long term by conserving energy. These lights save up to 10 million kWh of electricity each year. They also benefit you because they use less energy and last longer; they are also saving your expenses for the long term. Even after replacing your bulbs with energy saving lights, still stress upon saving electricity to your staff and ask them to switch off lights and appliances wherever they can when not in use. By pointing out these facts, your employees will understand that going green is your business.

Author: Kent L Gardner

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