Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Importance Of Vision In Goal Setting

Vision is a topic which can often be overlooked, when setting goals. Creating a vision is one of the best steps any goal setter can take. As you read this article, you will discover more about the importance of having a vision, when setting a goal. It was Solomon who said 'where there is no vision, the people perish'. This quote is something interesting to look at, as it gives us the real process of setting goals.

You see, goal setting is great. You want a car; you set the goal, and get it. You want the house, you set the goal, and then you get it. This is all good; however, a piece of the puzzle is missing. Getting the puzzle together is an easy process, when we add to the equation a vision. But, what is a vision? And how do you find your vision?

The only way to create a vision is to first know what you want. This is a great point, because any adult generally has tasted enough of life, to know the things you like. From here you can make that as a starting point.Your vision doesn't stop with the car, the house, the vacation, etc. It goes further and thinks about how your life will be. 

From your lifestyle, to the things you own, right down to your relationships. This entire vision becomes the goal. And like a tree, which has small branches stemming from large branches, your vision will represent this tree.Now, living that dream, we know stems from having a vision. It is the best anyone can ask for, because now, you have all your life planned out.

Now, you have direction, because you know exactly what you want. Each part has a purpose. If you have a lofty goal to own a jet, you know exactly the purpose of the jet, because it is part of your vision. The abstract, becomes concrete details, as we can see a vision of life. Exactly how we want it to be. This can only happen with a vision, and the vision is what will drive your life and actions.

When you create such a vision, you automatically feel passionate about it. Over time, you will find that more and more parts become reality. Until one day, you find you are living that vision. And the only way to make that work is through visualization and then a system of goal setting to get your plan of action ready.

Author: Koz Huseyin

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