Monday, October 21, 2013

Steps to Level down Your Boiling Point

At first, I was not taking all this serious, but when such sayings happen to me often I was sure that I have to tackle this. Though it was not easy and otherwise no one was there to guide me over this.
This epoch is full of tensions and troubles which act as catalyst in raising your anger. Traffic Jam, avoidance by people, ill-managed time and financial loss are some reasons which are very common today and induces anger.
Your aggression not only harms you, but also others to whom you vent your ire. Anger leads to unnecessary wordings and shouting, which is not good for anyone.
You are the one who first identify your anger symptoms, like irritation over petty things or not getting someone's attention. So, you have to tackle it before it becomes too big.

Today, you can find countless articles on Anger Management which has detailed remedies for anger. But you know what, self-control is easy and with regular practice you can control it. Here are some steps which one should follow in case of anger:

• Don't say anything hurriedly. Close your eyes and remove that problem from your mind.
• Take heavy breath at least five times.
• Drink cold water as it eases your anger to a great level.
• Listen to your favorite song. It is said that music can change the mood instantly and can bring a smile to someone's face. So, make the best of it.
• Never use abuses in your daily routine otherwise it would surely come up along with your anger.
• Talk to your close friends and share everything calmly.
• Though it seems that coffee or tea eases your tension, but actually they don't do such thing. Rather, they harm your body.
• Forgiveness is something which you must try to possess.
• If there is something which you think must be answered, then analyze the situation and use proper words to convey your feelings.
The reason behind this is also poor diet and unhealthy eating habits. Your eating habits should consist of healthy foods not junk foods.
Always remember that Anger is energy, which is better to keep for essential usage and not to be waste on vague things.
Make yourself strong enough to avoid any insipid things and move on with smiley face!

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